"Creative perfectionist and mother of two: Emmeline Stevens, decided after years in the fashion industry and learning how to dress the hard way, she would put her experience, knowledge and training together in 2006 to form The image Consulting Company. 

"I love fashion, always have always will, I'm no label queen, nor a trend setter, but my desire to help real women achieve their potential stems from the early part of my career in Visual Merchandising - always wanting to make things look good! After experiencing brand and product development, designing, managing and selling brands in London, I finally settled on growing up, starting a family and moving to the West Country."

"Arriving at a time when I had to make serious career decisions was difficult when my self-esteem hit rock bottom following my pregnancy with my first child. After some hard life lessons and a few less brain cells later I realised I wanted a job that I LOVE, a job that I could work at 24 hours a day if I wanted to, that utilises my passion and experience to help others. I wanted to change lives - be a superhero of style! I wanted to give others my knowledge to encourage women specifically to become more confident and feel they can do anything, be anyone" 

"At the time when Gok Wan was just hitting our screens, many women finally understood the importance of personal style, but few knew how to get Gok in their lives. Which is why I felt even more passionately about creating The image Consulting Company"

"Having worked on the business since 2006, with support from many other professionals in the industry, personal stylists, high street retailers and major shopping centres, The image Consulting Company brings a service that suits every man, woman and child. The door is open to anyone, my team and I are here to make life easier and create wonders with the wardrobe!"

Emmeline's personal blog gives you an inspirational mix of her life outside of The image Consulting Company...

"The image Consulting Company consists of genuine, experienced people I trust to bring different qualities to the business, something I feel is important to give our clients a flexible, friendly, and professional service "


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